Conduit - Celia NewlandsConduit: a person or organization that acts as a channel for the transmission of something.



collaborationCollaboration: the action of working with someone to produce something.
synonyms: cooperation, alliance, partnership, participation, combination, association


Hi, I’m Celia – the Community Manager at Central Business Associates, and a Collaboration Consultant.

I have an extensive background in collaboration – managing teams of varying personalities, focused on providing excellent internal and external Customer Service. Those teams were normally the conduit for the customer to get access to the service or product they needed, and it was our role to make sure that the match was a win/win for both business and customer.

In the same manner, many of our services have been developed to help people understand some simple ways that they can better work with others and collaborate, to strategically and confidently grow their network and their business.

What’s the Conduit Program about?

I moved here from Scotland in 2011, and had no social or business network. And I wanted to start a business – but who was I going to communicate my offering to?!
I made substantial efforts to build a trusted network of like-minded, experienced professionals – all specialists in their own field, and keen to collaborate. These specialists now form the team of collaborators who work with Central Business Associates, offering discounted services to:

  • people who may not otherwise be in a position to afford the specialist services
  • those who need some guidance to figure out what could enhance their business offering
  • businesses who are unsure whether the specialist service is the right option for them, so might prefer a ‘trial’

As a Conduit Member, you can access many specialist services, including Marketing | Graphic Design | Desktop Publishing | Copy-writing | Customer Service | Administration | Bookkeeping | Executive Coaching.
You can choose to either specify your requirements for the specialist, or if you are unsure which service your business needs to grow, you can choose to have a short general consult to try to determine what service would quickly and effectively enhance your service or offering.

Members instantly access many other benefits, such as discounted rates for the specialists, reduced flexible workspace costs (meeting rooms, coworking etc), FREE access to business improvement workshops, a listing in the online business directory , and an extended network of collaborators and contacts.


Contact us for more information, or click to find out more about the Conduit Program or about  Collaboration