Obsession Creations

We are a small Australian business who love to help others organise their lives with style.
Providing personalised and removable vinyl wall planners and wall decals for homes and offices.
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SteinArt – Graphic Design

Tenders | Long Documents | Reports | Presentations | Brochures | Flyers |Corporate Invitations

Business Cards |Newsletters | Templates | Web Graphics| Billboards | Removable Stickers | Posters

Interior Wall Graphics | Signage | Booklets | Calendars 

Desktop Publishing:
Desktop publishing is about visual communication. A desktop publisher can turn a basic document into a polished publication, helping to accentuate key pieces of text and maintain consistent branding.

Graphic Design:
The art of creating effective, visually appealing graphics and text to produce logos and illustrations used in many types of communication.

When these skills are put together, beautiful documents are created.
0408 027 699
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