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There’s No Such Thing as “Just A Cleaner”

You know when… you come home and the house is still in need of cleaning? Maybe you have been struggling to get it under control on your own, perhaps you have hired someone who’s results weren’t what you were paying for? How many of us have had to clean up after the cleaner?

What we do, in this business, we remove the amateur (or hit and miss) out of your cleaning. We have stringent team selection, extensive training, and quality assess each cleaner in the business – so you get the results you want.

We will come out and give you a free quote, and assign the most suitable cleaner to your job.
We do this so well, in fact, that we have over 150 repeat clients who want us to come into their homes every week, and give them the domestic cleaning support they are looking for.
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Nicole McIver

I’ve been working in the wholesale industry for over nine years now. I’ve owned a wholesale agency managing hundreds of brands and dozens of sales agents, I’ve owned and managed a sister company dealing in imports and distribution, as well as an online platform connecting wholesalers and retailers. And now, having sold my businesses I’m continuing to use my expertise to pass on what I’ve learned along the way, to business owners in need of direction, just like you.

From creating forms and documents to running brand rep campaigns, social media management, marketing and everything, in between, if it’s retail or wholesale, I’ve got it covered. Check out my individual services to suit your needs, or drop me an email and we’ll talk about exactly how I can help you and your business.
0418 482 040 (Please text prior to calling to check that I am available to take your call)