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Accelerated Serendipity: an update

I wrote about this already in 2015, but some specific examples came up and I thought it would be good to share them, to show some actual examples of how working in a shared space can be of huge benefit to your business, and sometimes even to your social life! You can read more here […]

Flexible Work – some thoughts….

Just how flexible is your flexible work? I was recently doing some research into ‘flexible working’, and discovered this PwC article, which summed up quite strongly my understanding and experience since opening the business centre. Flexible work means many things to many people, but generally, the business world is changing. More employees, small business owners […]

Do you Dare to Share?

When I first moved into a Managerial position in corporate, many more years ago than I’d like to admit, I remember very quickly making mental notes of the ‘people to know‘ within the different departments. Not in the influential sense, but in a ‘these are the people who know the stuff that matters in this […]

Accelerated Serendipity….

The video below came up in my newsfeed today, showing the benefits of coworking, and I just loved the phrase ‘Accelerated Serendipity’! Plus it described my day today so accurately, that I felt compelled to share it with everyone… I held a free coworking morning today – I’ve been holding one every couple of months, […]

Interview with Lorraine Smith, Tinson IT

  Hi Lorraine – Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to talk to me! Delighted to have you as one of our first Associate Members after your company did some amazing work designing our logo, and also creating the Central Business Associates website! I am keen to find out more about your […]

Interview with Kathryn from SteinArt

Hi Kathryn – Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to talk to me – I know how busy your life is! You were one of the early Associate Members, and a keen supporter of Central Business Associates before we opened, so I am very grateful to you for that, as well […]

Interview with Amy Jackson: Executive Coach

Hi Amy – Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to talk to me! Glad I caught you today, as I know how busy you are during your two full days you work from the business centre. Love the view from your Part-time office – you can see right out to our beautiful Bayside […]


And so begins my foray into Blogging…. This is all new to me. My expertise is in Customer Service, Staff Management, Office Management, CRM systems etc. Social Media, Website Administration, Blogging – all new to me, but I’m very excited about the learning opportunity this presents me with. I have always loved learning; but conversely […]