Newsletter 4

And so somehow the painting was completed, the carpets were laid, the furniture put in place, and the doors opened.

The technology is (finally) all in place, and we have Full and Part-time tenants, are getting ready to run some training courses, have hosted some Boardroom meetings, and it’s starting to feel like a ‘real’ office! The reviews we have had so far have been fantastic, and we are continuing to get good interest in using the offices. The Full time offices are already being used by around 12 people regularly now, and there are some regular coworkers who come in for a few hours.

Hard to believe it has been only 5 weeks since opening day, and I am already looking forward to the Office Christmas Party, as small business owners so often miss out on such an event! Come and join up for your membership to get an invite, and join in the fun! The benefits of membership can be seen HERE , including 20% discount on all room hire.