Final Call for Opening Night

And somehow – it all came together, and the Opening Night was Friday 16th January 2015. Given that my laptop crashed and died in an untimely manner on 2nd December 2014, I then flew to Scotland on 4th December and spent the remainder of the year there, I sometimes wonder how it all happened?! – and then I remember all the support from friends, family and colleagues – all of which served as further confirmation that this collaborative community was indeed the right place to open this business centre. Having the local artwork displayed at the Opening Night was a very proud and exciting moment for me, as this was always part of my vision – to give local artists the opportunity to showcase their work to local business people.

This project is still in progress, although I do already have one or two pieces in the centre already, but I look forward to having many more on display, and for sale in the not too distant future.