Conduit, Bravely Build your BusinessBravely Build your Business

We are delighted that the first of our Conduit Program workshops is being presented by Amy Jackson, Executive Coach.
Details of the workshop are below, then some further information about Amy, and the Conduit Program.

Mon 15th May 11.30 – 12.30 | Central Business Associates, Wynnum | bring your lunch, self-serve tea & coffee available | Tickets can be purchased here

Tickets are FREE for Conduit Members for details and benefits of Conduit Membership, click here

Step bravely in to growing your business

Know where you want to be heading, but keep finding blocks, slowing down, or never quite getting round to taking the steps you need to move forward?
This session will help you understand your personal strengths that you can draw on to move past blocks. It will help you build your confidence, and you will walk away with some very tangible tools you can use to support you to step more bravely in to your business every day. The session will explore:

  • What is confidence really? How can you use your body to tackle your unhelpful thinking.
  • What are your strengths? How you can use the things that you are already good at to tackle more challenging work.
  • How to I step up in the moment? Individualised, practical tools you can use to bravely step in to the things you know you need to build your business.

Join Amy Jackson for this interactive, practical professional development session.
For CBA members, Amy will be available for additional support until 1:30pm.

About Amy

Amy Jackson, B.Psych, ACC, is an Executive Coach who specialises in working with professionals who are transitioning in to leadership roles, and emerging small business leaders.
She supports clients to develop their communication, strategic thinking and self management skills, with a particular focus on building confidence to speak up and be heard in the workplace.
Amy works across industries and sectors coaching one-to-one and small groups. She facilitates highly interactive learning experiences focused on developing pragmatic skills for complex workplaces. As a dynamic, enthusiastic speaker, she specialises in exploring how we can step up to be more of ourselves, to have more impact in complex challenging roles.
She is a credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation and has been coaching professionals since 2007.
For more details, go to Amy’s website

About the Conduit Program

For details of how and why the program was put together, you can read more here.

The simple explanation is that I wanted to find a way to help sole traders and small businesses find a cost-effective way to access services and networks to help them improve their businesses.

People often ask why I do what I do – I have worked in Customer Service and Leadership positions for many (many..) years, but wanted to find a way to use the skills, strengths and experience I have to help small businesses and individuals, specifically within the beautiful and welcoming Brisbane Bayside community that I have chosen to live in, and bring up my family. I didn’t want to have a city commute any more, and I saw a way to work in my community, providing a service that I saw was of benefit to many, and where I could utilise my skills.

The workshops have been tailored to suit the gaps that I have seen in the business community – helping people have confidence in their amazing abilities – to understand their strengths, to know when to ask for help to get through the maze of small business pitfalls, to rise to the challenges, and ultimately, to succeed, and help build a better economy in our community.
Work smarter, not harder!