What collaboration means to me…

I really wanted to take a bit of time to delve in to explain what collaboration means to me –  why I feel it is such an important part of what we do here at Central Business Associates, but also why it is of great importance for us all to learn how to do it, and do it well!

You really do say it a lot…!

I know, I know! I never particularly used the word ‘collaborate’ until I began planning the concept of Central Business Associates, but I found myself naturally saying the word increasingly when I was explaining my business concept, and also came to realise that I had been ‘collaborating’ for my whole working life! It was actually one of my major strengths, so I started looking more closely at it.
My research found me suddenly seeing the word everywhere  (you know how that happens – it feels like coincidence, but it’s just your brain seeing what was always there, in a new light!), but there were varying ways that it was being perceived and understood. So I wanted to clarify to you what it means to me, and how I use itin this business, so you can understand how it might benefit you, and how you can access the relevant services for you.


For me – collaboration is about teamwork – it’s about recognising you can’t do it all alone, or more to the point – you don’t have todo it all alone! If we all work together and use our strengths, we don’t have to battle away alone, and try and do the things that we are not so good at (or that we secretly really don’t enjoy doing!). It’s about give andtake – for a partnership to work, everyone has to be bringing a strength to the table, or the imbalance will eventually weigh heavy on the relationship. But it’s also not about expectingsomething every time you give – it’s about the teamwork – knowing that if the other person or people can help you, they will.
Knowing you have a group of people who have your back is an amazing feeling, and makes you all stronger – isn’t that worth pursuing?


So it’s happening! I am currently in the midst of moving (some) furniture down two flights of stairs, and it’s starting to look and feel real!

The fridge arrives on Monday, the second boardroom has tables and chairs ready for our first event, and I’m organising the new internet connection.


is the new name we are using, to quite simply let people know what we do here.

Central Business Associates do also have memberships, collaboration, mentoring and many many other services and benefits within the two spaces, but the main focus of what we offer here is a place to work.
A place to focus on whatever you need to get done, and we will help you be surrounded by others doing the same, to shake off your procrastination!

Procrastinating was exactly where I was myself, around 7 years ago. Working from home, trying to get stuff done, and feeling like I was failing at being a consultant and a small business owner, because I just couldn’t focus and churn the work out.

Since I opened the offices here in Wynnum, I have heard the same successful result from people who finally make the decision to start working here – whether it’s coworking, a part-time office, a full-time office – the same phrase echoes around the walls

I can’t believe how much work I completed today

If you are an existing Member (either Associate or Conduit), you can come and try out the coworking space for only $15 per day.
Conduit Members normally get an offer for a free coworking day once a month (worth more than the annual membership fee!), and then those who want to work #flexibly or ‘whenever suits them’, can have a full-time, 24/7 coworking pass for only $200 per month*!

That’s less than $7 per DAY – whaaaaaaaat?

….one block from the office

Our aim at Central Business Associates, is to provide a way for people in our local community to work flexibly.
What’s the point of having this incredible place in the world to live, if we spend hours of our week sitting in traffic, staring at buildings, or at a windowless wall?

Why do that to ourselves when we could be looking out at the ocean in our beautiful Bayside, enjoying a lunchtime stroll to the waters edge, or later in the day, watching the sun set over the sea?

If you are tired of missing out on the lifestyle you deserve, maybe it’s time to find out if #WorkWynnum is the place for you! Come and have a look round, see if one of the seats or offices is the right fit for you.



*Full-time coworking pass requires a 6 month commitment, and passes/desks are limited. Non-members can enjoy coworking for only $20 per day.


And then there were two….!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that Central Business Associates is soon to be launching Phase 2!

The growth in this business community we have created within the centre has been beyond my expectations, and it was time for some new opportunities – to really complete the #flexiblespace options in our beautiful Bayside.
Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without those #oceanviews, so we went BIGGER, and will now also have a huge #boardroom/ #workshop/ #eventspace for you to use, with the same spectacular windows facing Waterfront Wynnum/Manly (just very slightly lower down in the same iconic building!)

Our #coworking prices have been refreshed to offer our community huge value, at
– only $15 a day for members, or
– only $200 p/mnth for 24/7 access (min 6 month commitment)

There will be more
– private office spaces,
– lots more coworking desks, and another
– breakout lunch space (we do encourage you to leave your desk occasionally!)


We will be refreshing the website, to offer easier booking options, but you can still see more pricing and details here.

More news as it develops, but if you have been thinking about moving out of the home office, or if it’s time to hire staff and you need a space to all work from, get in touch, as there are a few already on my waiting list – we are so excited to be able to welcome more members into the community – will you be joining us?

Conduit Membership

Conduit Membership Program goes LIVE!

It’s all about Collaboration here at Central Business Associates this week! The Conduit office (yes, we actually have our own office here!) has been hard at work getting everything ready to go. The weekend was all about starting on some SEO with our Marketing Mentor (I was learning from scratch – super-excited about what I picked up in such a short time!), then we had to work on the graphics (when I say ‘we’, I mean our resident Graphic Designer did it all, and I just nodded my head a lot!), and finally on Tuesday, it was time to press ‘GO’ (I managed that bit…)!

A perfect example of how this program works really.
We all run our own businesses, but sometimes we have to recognise that we can’t do it all (well). When it’s time to ask for help. Then we worry that it’s money we can’t afford to take out of our business, but this program shows you ways that you CAN, for less cost than you think, and it will allow you to see the huge benefits of figuring out the bits of running your business that you struggle to do, or just don’t like doing (so you put them off constantly), or even those things that you already know other people should be doing for you, so that you can focus on your strengths, and grow your business!

To find out more about the Conduit membership and program, have a look at more details here

and for the story of how Central Business Associates became a collaboration hub, read more here!


…..or Triple N, if you wish!

I’ve been asked so many times about having a regular networking event at the centre, and had put it on the backburner until now, as I was in the process of fine-tuning a new (exciting!) offering for micro and small businesses.

The main thing I wanted to do was find new ways to help business owners to help themselves – using the power of collaboration. We all have our own areas of expertise, and instead of keeping our knowledge to ourselves, we may find if we share, then others will share their knowledge with us, and ultimately – that means we all improve – Win/Win – my favourite kind of result!

I’ve been fine-tuning it by testing it with some colleagues, and am ready to launch it into orbit – kicking our collective goals into a new dimension! We have been brainstorming, we have been laughing, we have been scratching our heads; but

we have been creating,

we have been sparking off one another,

we have been learning from each other,

we have been growing, and

we have been achieving!

So I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to offer this to other business owners and entrepreneurs. Our diaries are so full already, so I needed to find options to suit as many people as possible.

And so we have ended up with two different options – one is a quick, snappy one hour session, once a week – this is to BLAST you into the week with some small group brainstorming/networking. It’s an opportunity to mix with other businesses, in a small group, and openly commit to at least one GOAL for the week. If you are struggling with how to achieve your goal, we can chat round the table about this, bounce some ideas around and see if we can help one another. Then you come back the next week, and tell us whether you achieved the goal(s) you set out, or whether you got stuck somewhere along the way. If you need additional support, we are lucky to have the amazing Amy Jackson, Executive Coach on hand, who is offering some group (or 1:1) coaching sessions to really dig into what is stopping you from moving forward.

If you enjoy these quickfire sessions, but would like to connect on a more in-depth level, we also run a Meeting of Minds programme – please ask Celia for more details.


I can talk forever about the benefits of collaboration – it’s been an ongoing passion of mine for many years, as I know the huge difference it has made to me, and I’ve come to realise that it has been a constant and growing strength during my entire working life. The common thread in all of my roles was an ability to view different perspectives in the midst of conflict or difficulty and then find ways to create win/win scenarios.

Moving into small business brings its own challenges, and often the lack of a team to collaborate with makes it even harder. I’ve found myself continually receiving and giving advice to other small business owners and entrepreneurs, as we all have different strengths and weaknesses. This program has been developed to create facilitated collaboration – for those who have knowledge to impart to others, and for those looking for some support.

There are simple one hour weekly sessions you can attend if you are time-poor (maybe that’s a challenge you can bring up and get assistance with), or more in-depth two hour sessions for some serious brainstorming and simple ideas on how to better collaborate.
These are not intended to be coaching sessions – this is guided self-development, from my extensive experience and success in this area. The program is appropriately priced, and I am sure we will all gain some great skills and ideas from each other.
Get in touch if you’d like to know more about the program, or if you’d like to book into some of the sessions.


I was so delighted to receive the inaugural Bayside Business of the Month award last month from our local Member, Joan Pease!
Recognition for contributing to my community is really the icing on the cake – I love what I do – I thoroughly enjoy helping people to collaborate and grow their businesses, and I am so grateful to have found a strong, friendly, growing community to work within.

I Joane Pease award July 2016

cropped 1Can’t believe how fast this first quarter has gone! For those of us caught up in school terms and holidays, this first part of the year disappears, as we don’t even get back into full work mode until February, and before we know it, it’s Easter!

So that’s my lame excuse for not having written a Newsletter since November……

Have a read, and if I haven’t had a coffee with you for a while, let’s catch up! Hope to see you soon….

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