What collaboration means to me…

I really wanted to take a bit of time to delve in to explain what collaboration means to me –  why I feel it is such an important part of what we do here at Central Business Associates, but also why it is of great importance for us all to learn how to do it, and do it well!

You really do say it a lot..!

I know, I know! I never particularly used the word ‘collaborate’ until I began planning the concept of Central Business Associates, but I found myself naturally saying the word increasingly when I was explaining my business to new connections, and also came to realise that I had been ‘collaborating’ for my whole working life! It was actually one of my major strengths, so I started looking more closely at it.
My research found me suddenly seeing the word everywhere  (you know how that happens – it feels like coincidence, but it’s just your brain seeing what was always there, in a new light!), but there were varying ways that it was being perceived and understood. So I wanted to clarify to you what it means to me, and how I use it in this business, so you can understand how it might benefit you, and how you can access the relevant services for you.


For me – collaboration is about teamwork – it’s about recognising you can’t do it all alone, or more to the point – you don’t have to do it all alone! If we all work together and use our strengths, we don’t have to battle away alone, and try and muddle on and do the things that we are not so good at (or that we secretly really don’t enjoy doing!). It’s about give and take – for a partnership to work, everyone has to be bringing a strength to the table, or the imbalance will eventually weigh heavy on the relationship. But it’s also not about expecting something every time you give – it’s about the teamwork – knowing that if the other person or people can help you, they will. Or they might know someone who can help, even if they don’t have the skill-set you need.
Knowing you have a group of people who have your back is an amazing feeling, and makes you all stronger – isn’t that worth pursuing?

boardroom collaborationCollaboration at Central Business Associates

At Central Business Associates, we help you collaborate, utilising our extended network, built up over many years of connecting and establishing trusted relationships. A diverse, skilled mix of excellent contractors you can work with.
We do this through either our Small Business Surgery sessions, finding out what your particular issue is that you need help with, and helping you establish what skill you need to fix the problem. Our other, more comprehensive service is to work with you, as a General Manager. This way we can really delve in to your business with you, and provide support at every step of your growth. We offer specific help where it is most needed – we can help you find the right person to work with, to do those things you can’t (or don’t want to!), or even connect you with like-minded people who may already have encountered the hurdles that you are facing, and can give you their insight to help you grow sustainably.
Our passion is helping everyone succeed. Come and join the collaboration!