Conduit Workshops

We are delighted at the response we have had so far to the Conduit Workshop Program! Below is a list of the current program of events we have, and any updates will be posted here, and on our Facebook Page
Bookings can be done directly through the Facebook event, or through Eventbrite.

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Lunchtime Workshops 2017: 11.30 – 12.30

Date Topic Presenter
May: Mon 15th Bravely Build your Business  Amy Jackson
Jun: Mon 19th Trust: How to Build Trust Online & Offline  Jay Tinkler
Jul: Mon 24th Goals – Get Focused to Get Productive  Amy Jackson
Aug: Mon 14th Building your Support Network  Jay Ellul
Sep: Thu 6th How to attract & retain more customers  Michelle Lanceley/
Celia Newlands
Oct: Mon 23rd Overcoming Blocks / Procrastination  Amy Jackson
Nov: Mon 6th Credit Management & Customer Care  Angela McDonald
November: date TBC End of Year, Celebrate the Wins  Amy Jackson

possible EVENING EVENTS: not yet confirmed

Date TBC PR David Bateson
Date TBC Business Health? Marije Wahle

About the Conduit Program

For details of how and why the program was put together, you can read more here.

The simple explanation is that I wanted to find a way to help sole traders and small businesses find a cost-effective way to access services and networks to help them improve their businesses.

People often ask why I do what I do – I have worked in Customer Service and Leadership positions for many years, but wanted to find a way to use the skills, strengths and experience I have to help small businesses and individuals, specifically within the beautiful and welcoming Brisbane Bayside community that I have chosen to live in, and bring up my family. I didn’t want to have a city commute any more, and I saw a way to work in my community, providing a service that I saw was of benefit to many, and where I could utilise my skills.

The workshops have been tailored to suit the gaps that I have seen in the business community – helping people have confidence in their amazing abilities – to understand their strengths, to know when to ask for help to get through the maze of small business pitfalls, to rise to the challenges, and ultimately, to succeed, and help build a better economy in our community.

Work smarter, not harder!