Coworking Space in Brisbane – The Freelancer’s Best Kept Secret

I’m a creative freelancer which means that, typically, I live a fairly pyjama-oriented life. Friends and family often comment on how great it must be to work for myself and have all that ‘free time’. They’ll pop in during the day for coffee and a chat, and they’ll ask me to do schedule events for their time off (which surely must coincide with mine).

Working for yourself is excellent. But it’s also isolating and it can be difficult to really get in the ‘zone’ when you find your gaze drifting towards Netflix more often than not. Interruptions to your work day can see you lose hours of productivity and deadlines can creep up on you faster than you can say, ‘Have you seen the latest season of Outlander?’.

What I needed was a space where I could be productive, be surrounded by like-minded people and be left alone enough so I could do what I needed to do without being distracted by chores or kids.

Finding The Right Fit

In my research of shared office spaces in Brisbane, I found a few commonalities.
1. You seemed to have to lock in to an expensive commitment
2. The spaces weren’t in areas convenient to me (beautiful Brisbane bayside) and would require a significant commute which seemed like a waste of time
3. There didn’t seem to be much ‘community’ involved, nor opportunity to collaborate and extend professional networks

I turned my gaze away from the city and towards the water. That’s where I found Central Business Associates.

Central Business Associates in Wynnum – My Choice for a Flexible Work Space

Run by the ever-friendly and eager-to-help Celia, Central Business Associates offers rooms with views of the beautiful Wynnum and Manly area. Situated on the third floor, there are a range of work space options here that can be adapted to fit your needs.

It’s both casual and professional (handy, as I’m often in shorts but always carrying my laptop). This truly is a place where you can work away from home amongst like-minded individuals. You’ll purchase either an associate or professional membership at an incredibly reasonable annual rate that will see you have access to a range of spaces and services. Boardroom to private office to shared space – whatever atmosphere you need, Celia will ensure you receive it. This coworking space in Brisbane is organised around helping you to grow your own business, and it’s great to have someone on your side!

In my time of working at Central Business Associates, co-workers have become clients who have then gone on to recommend my services to others. They’ve also become friends as well. No one quite understands the perspective of a small to medium business owner like another person in the exact same boat!

You’ll find a friendly atmosphere, enhanced by a well-stocked kitchenette, and a wide range of clientele who make the work day a little more interesting.

Getting There

There’s ample parking in the surrounding streets (keeping in mind the building looks out over a busy primary school which may impact if you’re arriving at bell time) and a plethora of coffee and dining options in the heart of the Wynnum CBD. Taking the wonderfully quaint lift up to the third floor will find you stepping into a world of quiet productivity, shared focus and genuine community love and respect. This is coworking space in Brisbane with a difference – it’s as flexible as your daily job is and it’s about creating a real sense of belonging, not just a soulless office. (And let’s face it, that’s what many of us have escaped from!).

This is the best coworking space I’ve found. It’s far superior to working away in a library while people listen to music without headphones or trying to squeeze your laptop onto a rickety table in a noisy café. This truly is a space designed to help you make the most of your precious time. It’s refreshing, it’s innovative and it’s fun.

Contact Central Business Associates to discuss how YOU can work from home (but not at home) today.

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