Inspiration and Problem-Solving

One of the biggest challenges for any new business can be Business Development, Sales, Self-promotion – whatever you want to call it…
Add in a big dose of ‘introvert’ and ‘been a stay-at-home-mum for many years‘, and as you can imagine, the challenge just gets bigger!

I absolutely LOVE ♥ what I do – I get to help entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses work through issues they have, or connect them to collaborative opportunities, or find the services they need at a price they can afford – these things are so fulfilling for me, that most of the time, it seriously doesn’t even feel like work.

However – ask me to promote MYself, or MY business – well, that’s just too hard!

But what if we turn it around, and think about what happens if we don’t self-promote? What about all the people who are coming into the world of small business, or coming up with new entrepreneurial ideas – what if all they see is us, hiding ourselves away, not wanting to ‘talk about ourselves’? Hmm, not much inspiration there then… Maybe I shouldn’t bother trying to bring this new product to market – looks too hard – I’ll just shelve it.
BOOM – there goes the cure for the common cold…! ( just to give you some perspective on the importance of stepping up!)

So I recognised that there were two much more comfortable elements for me instead of ‘self-promoting’ – Inspiration, and Problem-solving. I can Inspire other people by telling my story, and showing that no matter how terrifying it all seems, it IS possible to put yourself out there. And I can Problem-solve instead of self-promoting – tell people what problem I fix by providing whatever my service or product is.

So I started to tell my story, and explain how my services can solve problems – and you know what – it felt so much easier!
Below is one of the interviews I did with a wonderful local woman who asked me to share my story – and I actually really enjoyed it, even though it was a teensy bit uncomfortable to start with!

Have a think about how you can tell your story, and explain how and why you do what you do – and what problems it solves.. If you still struggle to see how you can present it, give me a call, and let’s see if we can figure it out together – while we cowork of course!