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How well do you sleep every night?
If you have difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, worrying about work, family or relationships while trying to sleep, you may be one of about 30% of Australian adults who currently have symptoms of insomnia.


Good sleep is essential for daytime alertness, concentration and energy for healthy daytime functioning.

Geoff Brearley is a registered psychologist with a clinical interest in sleep disorders, and in particular, treating insomnia.

He established Bayside Sleep Health to assist anyone living in the bayside area and beyond, regain good sleep health.
You can “make sleep your friend”.

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Business Phone Number: 0409 865 607
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Sally offers inclusive, supportive, non-judgemental fitness coaching that’s more profound than a ‘bikini body’ workout. Sally provides a holistic approach to health & fitness where mental, emotional and physical health are all taken into account.
Unlike other fitness trainers and workout programs, Sally is a size inclusive, non-judgemental fitness professional. She is affiliated with the Body Positive Fitness Alliance and has qualifications in Mental Health, Online Training, Fitness & Nutrition.

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Business Phone Number: 0466 816 864