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atWork Australia is a leading employment services provider working with Australians across the nation.
We empower jobseekers, supporting them to build better working lives.

To do that, we work with people to identify their goals and aspirations, build skills and job-readiness and support them through interviews and into employment – as well as work with prospective employers to ensure their needs are met.

In short, our approach is to support a person in the way that most helps them transform their life.

At the heart of what we do is the belief that employment transforms lives, not only the lives of individuals, also the lives of their family and friends and the communities they live in.

This belief governs all that we do, and how we do it.

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Business Phone Number: 1300 080 856
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Bayside Basement provide small group based programs to people living with a disability.
Our learning and life skill projects are designed with the individual in mind. We aim to encourage and guide participants to become healthy, independent, socially active members of our community.

Our Vision

Allowing those who are considered less able to be more able. We strive to empower every person with a disability to achieve their goals by connecting them with the wider community.

We believe every person is an individual, therefore should have the right to shape their future. Bayside Basement Community Projects promise to tailor projects to suit the needs of each individual.


Business Phone Number: 07 3396 2832
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How well do you sleep every night?
If you have difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, worrying about work, family or relationships while trying to sleep, you may be one of about 30% of Australian adults who currently have symptoms of insomnia.


Good sleep is essential for daytime alertness, concentration and energy for healthy daytime functioning.

Geoff Brearley is a registered psychologist with a clinical interest in sleep disorders, and in particular, treating insomnia.

He established Bayside Sleep Health to assist anyone living in the bayside area and beyond, regain good sleep health.
You can “make sleep your friend”.

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Business Phone Number: 0409 865 607
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There’s No Such Thing as “Just A Cleaner”

You know when… you come home and the house is still in need of cleaning? Maybe you have been struggling to get it under control on your own, perhaps you have hired someone who’s results weren’t what you were paying for? How many of us have had to clean up after the cleaner?

What we do, in this business, we remove the amateur (or hit and miss) out of your cleaning. We have stringent team selection, extensive training, and quality assess each cleaner in the business – so you get the results you want.

We will come out and give you a free quote, and assign the most suitable cleaner to your job.
We do this so well, in fact, that we have over 150 repeat clients who want us to come into their homes every week, and give them the domestic cleaning support they are looking for.

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Business Phone Number: 0433 293 777
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Fiona Potts Marketing provides local business marketing support and our approach is built around planning and implementing marketing activities that will directly drive more sales and customers for local businesses.
Key to our approach is ensuring marketing activities deliver sales both now and in the future, to take the guesswork out of when the next customer may reach out.
Importantly, our approach enables businesses to spend their time on their business and not the marketing of it – that’s our job!

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Business Phone Number: 0425 816 049