Hi Angela – Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to talk to me! Glad I caught you today, as I know how busy you are running the business. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your business, understanding what you do, and letting people know what motivates you. So let’s start by asking some questions about your business –

Q1: Business Name?
ANGELA: Optimum Recoveries Pty Ltd

Q2: Your name, and position in the business?
ANGELA: Angela McDonald – Managing Director

Q3: Describe your product or service.

ANGELA: Optimum Recoveries specialises in B2B commercial debt management across the full spectrum of the credit cycle. We work with clients across a range of industries to deliver customised and integrated solutions with sustainable results. Talk to us about how we can alleviate the pain of debt recovery and safeguard your business against future cash flow issues.

Q4: If you had to describe your business in 3 words, what would they be?
ANGELA: Expert debt managers

Q5: What’s new in your business at the moment?
ANGELA: Cash Flow Collection Services: Think of us as your own personal support team. You can access the expertise of our licensed credit professionals to enhance your internal resources. We’ll partner with you, alleviating pressure and protecting your brand and reputation. Harness our Debt Management efficiencies so you can focus more on building your business. Optimum Recoveries’ Debt Management services can be undertaken in your offices, or ours. We treat every business as different and will design an efficient business solution that suits your requirements.

Q6: Why do you do what you do? What made you start, and motivates you to continue with, your business?
ANGELA: We identified that there were a large number of collection agencies moving their work off-shore and this impacted work quality. Clients were telling us that they missed our service level as experienced when we were employees of another firm. They missed the care, attention, value added to their business by ideas and recommendations, and missed having a solid local voice and partner to rely on. Optimum was launched in 2009 and our foundation clients are still working closely with us today.

Q7: Where’s your favourite local place for coffee, tea, or your favourite tipple?
ANGELA: Anywhere near the water 🙂

Q8: You’ve forgotten your partners/mothers/BFFs birthday – where’s your ‘go-to’ place that you can guarantee a successful purchase?
ANGELA: Any garden centre…. Who doesn’t love plants, flowers and new herbs for the kitchen garden?

Q9: What was your main reason for signing up with Central Business Associates? What does it mean to you?
ANGELA: Supporting Celia in her vision for a collaborative community based centre where people can collaborate and grow personally and professionally. I absolutely believe in and support that concept.

Angela, thank you so much for chatting with me – it was great to find out some more about your business, and I love that we share a strong belief in the importance of customer service!