Amazing going back into my ‘archives’ – these were my first Newsletters starting back in July 2014. I was at the point of getting firm expressions of interest for the business centre, by asking people to engage with a Crowdfunding Campaign, allowing interested people to pay upfront for memberships and other services. The crowdfunding campaign only ran for 60 days, but gave us some great indication of the types of services people were looking for, as well as getting us the interest from those people who became the first Full and Part-time office tenants.

Have a read if you are interested in seeing the progress we made between 1st July 2014 and the Opening Day of 19th January 2015 – less than 7 months later! Phew – I’m exhausted thinking back…..

July 2014

October 2014

By November 2014, we were holding a second viewing of the commercial property we felt had the required amenities and layout that was needed. The view was a bit of a selling point for us, and to this day I never tire of taking people in to see the view from the Boardroom on a clear day (of which we are lucky to have many in this beautiful area!)

November 2014