…..or Triple N, if you wish!

I’ve been asked so many times about having a regular networking event at the centre, and had put it on the backburner until now, as I was in the process of fine-tuning a new (exciting!) offering for micro and small businesses.

The main thing I wanted to do was find new ways to help business owners to help themselves – using the power of collaboration. We all have our own areas of expertise, and instead of keeping our knowledge to ourselves, we may find if we share, then others will share their knowledge with us, and ultimately – that means we all improve – Win/Win – my favourite kind of result!

I’ve been fine-tuning it by testing it with some colleagues, and am ready to launch it into orbit – kicking our collective goals into a new dimension! We have been brainstorming, we have been laughing, we have been scratching our heads; but

we have been creating,

we have been sparking off one another,

we have been learning from each other,

we have been growing, and

we have been achieving!

So I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to offer this to other business owners and entrepreneurs. Our diaries are so full already, so I needed to find options to suit as many people as possible.

And so we have ended up with two different options – one is a quick, snappy one hour session, once a week – this is to BLAST you into the week with some small group brainstorming/networking. It’s an opportunity to mix with other businesses, in a small group, and openly commit to at least one GOAL for the week. If you are struggling with how to achieve your goal, we can chat round the table about this, bounce some ideas around and see if we can help one another. Then you come back the next week, and tell us whether you achieved the goal(s) you set out, or whether you got stuck somewhere along the way. If you need additional support, we are lucky to have the amazing Amy Jackson, Executive Coach on hand, who is offering some group (or 1:1) coaching sessions to really dig into what is stopping you from moving forward.

If you enjoy these quickfire sessions, but would like to connect on a more in-depth level, we also run a Meeting of Minds programme – please ask Celia for more details.