So it’s happening! I am currently in the midst of moving furniture down two flights of stairs, and it’s starting to look and feel real!

The fridge arrives on Monday, the new boardroom has tables and chairs ready for our first event, and I’m organising the new internet connection.


is the new name we are using, to quite simply let people know what we do here.

Central Business Associates do also have memberships, collaboration, mentoring and many other services and benefits within the two spaces, but the new name clarifies our location and the main offering for those who need it – a place to work.
A place to focus on whatever you need to get done, and we will help you be surrounded by others doing the same, to shake off your procrastination!

Procrastinating was exactly where I was myself, back in 2014.
Working from home, trying to get stuff done, and feeling like I was failing at being a consultant and a small business owner, because I just couldn’t focus and churn the work out.

Since I opened the offices here in Wynnum, I have heard the same successful result from people who finally make the decision to start working here – whether it’s coworking, a part-time office, a full-time office – the same phrase echoes around the walls

“I can’t believe how much work I completed today!”

If you are an existing Member (either Associate or Professional), you can come and try out the coworking space for only $15 per day.
Professional Members are invited to between 8-10 free coworking days per year (worth $180-$200 alone), and those who want to work flexibly or ‘whenever suits them’, can have a full-time, 24/7 coworking pass for only $200 per month*!

That’s less than $7 per DAY – whaaaaaaaat?

Our aim at Central Business Associates, is to provide a way for people in our local community to work flexibly.
What’s the point of having this incredible place in the world to live, if we spend hours of our week sitting in traffic, staring at buildings, or at a windowless wall?

Why do that to ourselves when we could be looking out at the ocean in our beautiful Bayside, enjoying a lunchtime stroll to the waters edge, or later in the day, watching the sun set over the sea?

If you are tired of missing out on the lifestyle you deserve, maybe it’s time to find out if #WorkWynnum is the place for you! Come and have a look round, see if one of the seats or offices is the right fit for you.

*Full-time coworking pass requires a 12-month commitment, and passes/desks are limited.
Shorter commitments can be agreed – please contact us for rates.
Non-members can enjoy coworking for only $20 per day.