Imposter Syndrome rears it’s head – again.

This is like the episode where they bring in the new person playing Dr Who so you get used to them. That’s how I feel right now – not that I’m putting myself in a category with Dr Who! But I do feel like an imposter, a cuckoo trying to sneak into the nest while no-one’s looking. Except I’m introducing myself, and we’re both staying, and we’re the same person…

Right, that analogy failed. Let’s try again.

There are many sides to me. I’m a consultant, a parent, a woman, and I even used to be a singer, but that’s a story for another day.

I’m also a writer, in many forms. I’ve been writing, in different styles and places, my whole life. In more recent years, I’ve been taking it a bit more seriously and realising other people are thankfully taking me seriously too. I don’t profess to be great, and I didn’t study it anywhere. I just love it, a lot. It truly sparks joy – isn’t that worth following?

And, as you will know if you’ve been around for any length of time on this site, or in my life, I like to blend my life and work as much as I can. So I’ve been trying to make a point of doing this more and more. This is another extension of that. I’ve been working (extremely slowly) on some serious writing, for a couple of books (one fiction, one non-fiction) and also on a bit of a fun blog, and I wanted to at least associate them in some way, so people will be able to connect the dots if they want to. (I personally love connecting dots!)

The Blog

Growing up, and moving through my corporate years, I was almost permanently exhausted.

I wondered how everyone else seemed to cope with everyday life, and I was often this crumpled heap in the bathroom, trying to take a quick power-nap before rejoining for round two of ‘Get over it, this is your normal workweek’!

It wasn’t until I hit my early 40’s (I’m not that quick at figuring things out – I like to be sure before I make big life decisions!), that a series of ‘aha’ moments while reading some insightful articles, had me realise that

  • I’m an Introvert (Myers Briggs INFP for anyone interested, but I won’t judge you if you’re not..).
  • I’m Highly Sensitive (not in a ‘oh poor me, pity me’ sense, in an actual scientific, can’t help it, I can assure you! sort of way).
  • I don’t like keeping my creative and business lives separate. It makes me feel like I’m being inauthentic, which is frankly exhausting. Which takes me back to the beginning of my point!  

The Resolution

So – to try to put Imposter Syndrome back in the naughty corner, I decided it was time for a merge…. The blog and it’s socials have been quietly (and like I said, slooooowly) running in the background, since 2016. They will still retain their own site, but stay connected in some ways, so I can stop feeling like I have more than one identity. Plus how else would you know to come and ask me to do any writing for you – if you happen to like my style? All joking aside, that’s not why I’m here. I’ll leave a link between them now, and make sure I say hello now and again in each, as each – if that makes sense… You are welcome to join me on either journey!

Signing off, quietly…