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BLOGGING: My love of writing, and other blogs..

I’ve spoken previously about my love of writing, and my attempts to be more regular with blogging. I thought it might be worthwhile to at least reference the other places I write, in their own post, for anyone who would like to read other snippets of my thoughts on different subjects, outside of work. Because […]

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REBRANDING: Central Business Associates – the importance of rebranding and collaboration.

In the next couple of months, things are going to look very different around here. We’re having a rebrand. Since closing the workspaces in 2020, I’ve continued to do the work that fuels my passion and drive, and makes me want to get up out of bed in the morning. For me, not much has […]

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UMBRELLA SPACES: What’s an Umbrella Space? It’s a shelter.

Do you ever feel like you just need shelter from the storm – of work & life – and of the expectation to ‘succeed’ at both? When I realised that’s how I was feeling, I started my search for the shelter.  I researched online, I contacted government agencies, council departments, local businesses in my suburb. […]

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COLLABORATION: Suburban Collaboration Hubs – what, why and how do they provide business support?

I get a real buzz out of providing business support. Especially when I see business owners wasting precious time, making things more difficult for themselves, or that they could be happier in their lives. And I do that in as many ways as I know how. It’s what I’ve built my career on in many […]

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Change, Collaboration and Sustainability. Thank goodness for Collaborative Partners! 

The past few years have been a different kind of chaos for those of us in small business. I’ve heard people talk recently about how it was actually nice to have the occasional 3-day lockdown and spend time at home with family or binge-watch that show you’ve had on your watchlist for 6 months. And […]