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Why change is as good as a holiday – Exciting news!

*This blogpost will be archived soon, as the Mount Carmel Centre was sadly closed to external parties by Brisbane Catholic Education in early 2021. I have an announcement to make. From 1st October, Central Business Associates will be based in the iconic Mount Carmel Centre in Wynnum.  Yes, it’s just across the road from where […]


Balance the Grind: Interview

Balance the Grind is on a mission to create a work-life balance hub focused on conversations, ideas and community. Publishing conversations with people from different careers and lifestyles; from startup founders to CEOs, entrepreneurs to independent musicians, designers to software developers, and plenty more. Work-life balance, work-life integration, work-life harmony; whatever you want to call […]

Membership Benefits and Inclusions

*These options have been updated. Please click here for up-to-date Membership info.Below is a table to show details of inclusions for each Membership Type. Please contact us if you would like to become a Member, change your current plan, or get more information on any of the inclusions.


Leadership and Accountability

About two years ago, I realised that one of the things I missed about the corporate world (and there are actually quite a few!) was getting together around a boardroom table, discussing how each of our departments had performed in the month. We would include positives and negatives, and as a team, discuss how we […]


Five Years on – Looking back..

19th January 2015.. I don’t really remember that first day. Bit of an exhausted, excited blur.. Probably have little memory of the first year actually – it just flew by, with all it’s newness and excitement and my heart beating out of my chest, and some things going very wrong, and some things going very […]