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Balance the Grind: Interview

Balance the Grind is on a mission to create a work-life balance hub focused on conversations, ideas and community. Publishing conversations with people from different careers and lifestyles; from startup founders to CEOs, entrepreneurs to independent musicians, designers to software developers, and plenty more. Work-life balance, work-life integration, work-life harmony; whatever you want to call […]

Membership Benefits and Inclusions

Below is a table to show details of inclusions for each Membership Type. Please contact us if you would like to become a Member, change your current plan, or get more information on any of the inclusions.


Leadership and Accountability

About two years ago, I realised that one of the things I missed about the corporate world (and there are actually quite a few!) was getting together around a boardroom table, discussing how each of our departments had performed in the month. We would include positives and negatives, and as a team, discuss how we […]


Five Years on – Looking back..

19th January 2015.. I don’t really remember that first day. Bit of an exhausted, excited blur.. Probably have little memory of the first year actually – it just flew by, with all it’s newness and excitement and my heart beating out of my chest, and some things going very wrong, and some things going very […]

Procrastination is NOT the enemy – How to make it work for you

We’ve all been there (and if you’re reading this, you’re probably there right now). The clock ticks by, and with it your productive working hours, but you find yourself doing anything but the project at hand. You chat to colleagues, flick through emails and social media, and ignore the growing project pile on the desk […]


The answer is always ‘sleep’

Referring to ‘Sleep Is Vital…’ article by Michael Thomas 19 Feb 2019 Member Guest Blog – thanks to Geoff Brearley, from Bayside Sleep Health. In this interesting ‘sleep experiment’ article, the author has mentioned a number of present-day dysfunctional beliefs, and true facts, about sleep.  Work hours, sleeping hours, daytime functioning, napping, foods, concentration and […]

Free coworking day to celebrate!

We held our 3rd annual celebration of Flexible Working Day last week. Each year, to help promote the flexible work concept, we offer free coworking desks, to let people from the local area and surrounds see what flexible working might actually look like for them. And to show that there is an option in between […]