It’s probably time for a little bit more explanation on my new ‘look’! And tell you the story behind the rebrand.

I’m drip-feeding the changes as I rediscover lots of the work I’m most connected and committed to.

What I’m up to these days

I’m doing lots more writing (some business-y, some not so much!), focusing on my key clients. I work as a General Manager for a few small businesses. And using lots of perspective to help me with a variety of projects in the mix of the two.
Combined with working on big plans with Sage Room Co-op Ltd, it’s all keeping me out of trouble! (I refuse to use the word ‘busy’ when I remember to catch myself). And making the best use of my skills and experience.

The Creative Process

I lost touch with my creativity for a while there, so I was delighted to work with the inspirational and talented SteinArt Graphic Design to create something new. I wanted to combine the existing and familiar themes of Connection and Collaboration, with my creative side.
I’m so happy with the outcome, and even made sure to incorporate the colours that inspire me from my home country. The photo below was taken by a good friend in Scotland, Brendan Murphy, who posts his work in some photography forums online. I’d been enjoying seeing his work, and then this one popped up and stopped me in my tracks. The colours hit me on an emotional level. I felt really connected to my country of origin looking at it. I immediately knew that I wanted to incorporate the colours into my new logo. I’ve always made sure my branding was meaningful and gave some insight into who I am as a human.

The (un)Familiar Logo

The logo took a little while, as I wanted to have something that still evoked my collaborative nature. Lots of entities combining to create something more substantial together. Most of the projects I work on, and the clients I work for, require much more than the skills I have. Rather than trying to wear all of the hats, I look around me at my extended network for the people who are specialists, and where possible, I ‘delegate’ the work out. Sometimes, it requires me to start the process, and once we get closer to a tipping point, I will hand it over. Then I can manage the overall ‘project’ – become the General Manager.

The result of describing all of this to Kathryn from SteinArt, is the flower at the top of this page. It combines the collaborative ‘circle’ I had originally, with the concepts of creativity and growth.

The General Manager (GM)

People often imagine a General Manager to be a role mostly seen within large organisations. I could see it was a relevant concept to bring from my work in corporate businesses. I took the basic principles and began to create foundations for growth within smaller entities. You don’t have to have hundreds of employees to put structures in place. In fact, it can make the growth much easier if you put them in at an earlier stage.

The New Adventure – to be continued..

So, join me on the journey – I’ll be travelling a while. I’m in no rush to get the finished and polished product out there. I will be putting my own foundations in place, to be ready for the next stage. Like any adventurous journey, I expect I’ll navigate some obstacles along the way. And I have a great network of resources to support me, so I’m as ready as I can be.

Here’s to transitions!

Credit: Brendan Murphy