Hi Amy – Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to talk to me! Glad I caught you today, as I know how busy you are during your two full days you work from the business centre. Love the view from your Part-time office – you can see right out to our beautiful Bayside from your desk, and sitting across from you, I can even see Brisbane CBD in the distance!

Let’s start by asking some questions about your business –

Q1: Business Name?
AMY: Amy Jackson – Nurturing Confidence

Q2: Your name, and position in the business?
AMY: Amy Jackson – it’s all me!

Q3: Describe your product or service
AMY: Leadership Coaching and Facilitation. Supporting mid-level professionals and small business owners to be more confident in their thinking, self-management and strategic leadership.

Q4: If you had to describe your business in 3 words, what would they be?
AMY: Dynamic, Tangible Change

Q5: What’s new in your business at the moment?
AMY: I’ve just been invited to speak at the Qld Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit in September. I will be talking about leadership in complex times, and the habits we need to support female leadership in the public sector – very exciting!

Q6: Why do you do what you do? What made you start, and motivates you to continue with, your business?
AMY: I love the shift in energy and effectiveness that comes with a shift in confidence. I love facilitating and witnessing this shift and the impact it has on the world of and around my clients. I started because I wanted more autonomy and to make a more tangible impact than I was making in public policy at the time. And I wanted to create a work life that gave me flexibility for family life. I continue because people keep saying yes! I’m motivated by knowing that most people could be so much more effective, and more comfortable in their own skin and life, if they felt more confident. So many conflicts and workplace problems stem from a lack of effective communication, that often comes from defensive stances taken to protect low self-confidence. Each time we give someone else the skills of clear, confident communication and thinking, we have a real impact on everyone in their professional and personal lives. I love that!

Q7: Where’s your favourite local place for coffee, tea, or your favourite tipple?
AMY: Favourite tipple is Waterloo Bay at sunset, in the garden, with kids happily playing. Favourite coffee – how do I choose?! Early morning Dramanti’s, Frenchies for lunch, and a hot choc at Jimbo’s before school pick up!

Q8: You’ve forgotten your partners/mothers/BFFs birthday – where’s your ‘go-to’ place that you can guarantee a successful purchase?
AMY: The Collective. Every time. They have saved my gift-forgetting self so many times!!!

Q9: What was your main reason for signing up with Central Business Associates? What does it mean to you?
AMY: I was ready to move on from the home office to a more professional space. It has opened up new opportunities for me both from clients through the door. And also what I can now do with my clients that I couldn’t do from home (eg 1:1 presentation skills training). For me it means independence and collaboration nestling together! I feel more professional because I have to put shoes on (at least to get to the office!), and it means that every now and then someone else makes me a cup of tea. I miss that from an office environment!

Amy, thank you so much for chatting with me – it was great to find out some more about your business. I look forward to finding out more as you spend time here in the business centre – have a great and productive day!