Chris Shana

Central Business Associates is delighted to welcome back Chris Shana , with more Mini Mindfulness sessions.

Starting Monday 9th May (after the May Public Holiday on 2nd), for four weeks, Chris will be helping us learn how to ‘Start the Week with Clarity’. As business owners, we often forget to look after our own well-being, and having focus at the start of your week can set the tone, pace and success for the days ahead.

Previous attendees of the workshops had this to say;

| “Everything was great – time, session length, presenter & venue” |

| “Loved it”  |

| (I enjoyed) “learning how to start the week with clarity” |

Come and join us each Monday morning (9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th May 2016), and learn some wonderful techniques to help shake off those Monday Morning Blues and blast into your week with clarity and purpose! (oh, and the view from the Boardroom helps too….). To book, follow this link, and follow the instructions – limited seats available…


Mindfulness – start your working week with clarity and intention!

Extensive scientific research provides strong evidence that practicing non-judgmental, present-moment awareness (a.k.a. mindfulness) changes the brain, and it does so in ways that anyone working in today’s complex business environment, and certainly every leader, should know about. (excerpt from a Harvard Business Review article)

Beautiful setting, with a clear business focus – what better way to start your week?

Chris Shana will be holding these 45 minute mindfulness sessions each Monday starting 1st Feb 2016.

| To Book, please click here, and follow instructions to receive an invoice |

As Chris explains on her website, “Meditation was once the domain of yogi’s, hippies, gurus and woo woos, but today its benefits are sprouted by many, including big business, entrepreneurs, sports men and women and entertainers. Meditation has become so mainstream that even doctors are now recommending it.
You see, during meditation, the brain enters into a state that is known to increase inner peace, emotional stability, memory, intuition and physical healing as well as aiding in restful sleep and releasing beneficial hormones.
Not only that, it can help reduce mental fatigue, anxiety, stress and mind chatter.
So many times I have heard “I just don’t have time to meditate” and the truth is, we don’t have time not to. By getting up, just 30 minutes earlier, spending 20 minutes of that time in meditation (which equates to 2 hours sleep), you will begin to feel more energized, more focused, more creative, more patient and kind and much more rested than if you had just stayed in bed for that extra 30 minutes…”

Q. What’s the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation?

A. Mindfulness is really a type of basic meditation.  ‘Meditation’ comes from an ancient monastic tradition based on withdrawal from the world. ‘Mindfulness’ on the other hand is related to psychology, education, scientific research, rational thought and our everyday language. Its values are not at all monastic so it integrates much better into our rich and complex lives.

Mindfulness also has far more potential. We have to sit still to meditate, but we can be mindful in any daily activity. Meditation takes time, but we can and typically do become mindful in an instant when we need to. Meditation focuses inwardly on the body but mindfulness has a more expansive field of operation. It also relates to our actions, thoughts, emotions and states of mind.

Tickets prices are:
a) $20 per individual session
b) $17 if you are a Member with Central Business Associates
or only
c) $15 if you are booking for all 4 sessions (only $60 for all 4, so one class is FREE!)
All discounted tickets must be pre-purchased before Fri 29th Jan, or you will pay the full ticket price of $20 (with no guarantee of availability).
If you book in advance for all 4, your place is guaranteed for the 4 x weekly session.