How often do you actually ASK your customers what they want?

Do you get too focused on what you like, what you want to be doing. On what you THINK customers want?

Do you carry out customer satisfaction surveys, customer care calls? These touch-points with your existing or past customers can be the lifeblood of your business, and if you are not doing them, your competitors might be….

Every customer who doesn’t return means extra Business Development for you to find new clients – imagine if they all came back, over and over again…

I’m in the midst of research for a current Customer Service Consultancy project, and came across this fantastic set of quotes.

“The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.” This really rings true. I worked in Customer Service and Sales in the UK when the competition seriously kicked off in this area. Watched many businesses struggle who were mostly price focused – highest (“Ah, but you get what you pay for…”!) or the lowest (is it automatically low quality if it’s low price?) This just wasn’t what people were motivated by any more. Customer Experience, Customer Service, Customer Care – call it what you wish. Customers began to drive change in business. They simply walked away if they weren’t treated well.

I genuinely believe that today’s consumers are heading back in this direction in their droves – they want businesses to appreciate their custom, not just ‘take the money and run’.
Are you prepared? Would your Customer Service stand up to a service-driven customer base? Maybe you believe price still wins the day. Would love to hear your thoughts.

We love helping businesses improve their Customer Service, and have many years of experience of customer care and business retention.

*Originally posted as an article on LinkedIn – and if you’ve not connected with me there yet, please do so while you’re there! Updated 2023