And then there were two….!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that Central Business Associates is soon to be launching Phase 2!

The growth in this business community we have created within the centre has been beyond my expectations, and it was time for some new opportunities – to really complete the #flexiblespace options in our beautiful Bayside.
Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without those #oceanviews, so we went BIGGER, and will now also have a huge #boardroom/ #workshop/ #eventspace for you to use, with the same spectacular windows facing Waterfront Wynnum/Manly (just very slightly lower down in the same iconic building!)

Our #coworking prices have been refreshed to offer our community huge value, at
– only $15 a day for members, or
– only $200 p/mnth for 24/7 access (min 6 month commitment)

There will be more
– private office spaces,
– lots more coworking desks, and another
– breakout lunch space (we do encourage you to leave your desk occasionally!)


We will be refreshing the website, to offer easier booking options, but you can still see more pricing and details here.

More news as it develops, but if you have been thinking about moving out of the home office, or if it’s time to hire staff and you need a space to all work from, get in touch, as there are a few already on my waiting list – we are so excited to be able to welcome more members into the community – will you be joining us?

The video below came up in my newsfeed today, showing the benefits of coworking, and I just loved the phrase ‘Accelerated Serendipity’! Plus it described my day today so accurately, that I felt compelled to share it with everyone…
I held a free coworking morning today – I’ve been holding one every couple of months, just to try to bring those people in who have either not heard of coworking, or don’t think it is something that would work for them. I tend to find that once people have tried it out, they understand how it can work for them, and can see (and feel) the benefits.

The benefits are different for everyone – for some it’s not having the distractions of home – the family pets, the dishwasher needing emptied, the washing piling up in the corner, etc etc…
For others it might be just feeling part of a social community – having other people to run ideas past, or to talk about ‘that’ TV show that was on last night, or even discuss your thoughts on the economic development of the area we live in….!

But ultimately, it needs to be of financial benefit to be coworking, or sharing an office space – otherwise why wouldn’t you just stay at home?

Well today showed me all the reasons why it works.

I had about 4 conversations with different people, which resulted in no less than 6 collaborative situations, which may result in more income for all 6 people! Not bad for a couple of hours work…
Then I did some client work, as the office was so busy I felt I had to contribute/type faster (that’s the competitive side of me!) than the other people I could hear around me.

So I did some paid work, got details of some fantastic prospective clients/collaborations, networked, and had a bit of a laugh too!

So next time you’re wondering what the fuss is all about, bring a chunk of work, your laptop, some business cards, and see if you can have some Accelerated Serendipity too! Watch the video that started the conversation, below…….

Coworking – How coworking is changing how and where we work