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They asked if we would be interested in talking about our experience with setting up and running a coworking space in the suburbs, and we were delighted to oblige – we love to talk about our fantastic community here in Brisbane’s Bayside! Read on….

What began as an idea at various networking events spawned a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs and business owners in the coastal suburb of Wynnum outside of Brisbane, Australia. Now, Central Business Associates is one of the leading advocates of flexible workspace and collaboration in the suburbs of Brisbane, showing the value of offering coworking space in non-urban areas.

But what is it about “suburban coworking” that is so exceptional? In other words, why are coworking spaces in the suburbs so valuable for remote professionals and businesses?

According to the Community Manager of Central Business Associates, Celia Newlands, the “local” element is undeniably the best part of suburban or rural workspaces. Members of the space become one another’s extended family, rather than just being a familiar face. Newlands says this creates a different level of knowing, liking, and trusting one another, which, for members, is likely to result in more shared referrals to each other’s extended networks and opportunities for collaboration.

Coworker caught up with Newlands amidst Central Business Associates’ transition to a brand new location they’ll now be calling home (a captivating heritage building that’s right across the street from their original coworking space!)

Here’s what Newlands had to say about the new market for hub-and-spoke coworking models and why coworking has always worked so well in the suburbs. (click here for full article)