Sometimes I miss the corporate world.

About two years ago, I realised that one of the things I missed about the corporate world (and there are actually quite a few!) was getting together around a boardroom table, discussing how each of our departments had performed in the month.

We would include positives and negatives, and as a team, discuss how we might be able to help one another with issues we had encountered.
I began to realise that one of my biggest strengths was being able to see simple solutions, utilising existing structures where possible. Being able to collaborate with others. Helping others see how instead of butting heads, we could pool resources and create win/win outcomes.

I put the concept to a few colleagues I was already collaborating with, and we decided to run with it for 6 months to begin with, see what sort of format we could work with, and whether it would be beneficial within the world of small business. I drew up a basic plan for us to work through.

Our Leadership and Accountability group has now been running since 2018,

with no sign of slowing enthusiasm! We actually now have at least two business retreat a year as well, to ensure we take a few days out to work on our biggest business challenges. Every one of those businesses has grown considerably in that time, and I’m delighted to have seen us all benefit from the process.

For some, particularly if you are the only person in your business (whether a sole trader, or just a one-person entity), it can seem strange to consider yourself a Leader. Who exactly are you supposed to be be ‘leading’?

The answer is ‘everyone you interact with’, in one way or another. You need to be able to lead your business – and that includes any contractors, suppliers and even your customers. You need to bring them on the journey with you, and show that your business vision is worth them coming along with you.

We embedded this same concept within the Memberships at Central Business Associates. You would join a Leadership group and work through your challenges with other small businesses or sole traders. These groups had a real mix of people, with different-sized businesses, within various industries, but often some of the challenges were similar, and someone around the table would offer some insight – even if it’s ‘what not to do’. Brainstorming these issues can bring so many different strengths out in the participants, and can lead to innovative and successful solutions.

Although we no longer offer this specific service, we do now offer collaboration consultancy services. This can help you determine, or even find, the right people to work with, with similar values and different skills. Contact me if you’d like to know more about this option.

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